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How We Do It

Navigating the roads to financial independence can be daunting. Whether you are saving for retirement, funding college expenses for children, or getting assistance with retirement income planning KABY Guided Wealth Management can assist. At KABY we understand that no two clients, or financial goals are alike. We specialize in providing both the appropriate investment vehicle and directing you down the proper path toward reaching those goals.

Some clients know where they want to go, but need directions, or maybe you are completely lost, financially speaking, and not only would you like a road map but also a driver help you pursue your goals. No matter your situation using our process KABY will help along the way!  

The KABY Guided Wealth Management Process:

The basis for selecting the suitable vehicle and determining your road to success begins with the same basic precepts:

  • Establish and define our relationship.
  • Gather your financial and personal data, and more importantly “What’s important to you”.
  • Process, analyze and evaluate your current financial status.
  • Present your financial plan.
  • Implement your financial plan and recommendations.
  • Monitor the plan on an annual basis to make sure we are on track.