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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Investing

For those new to the concept of ESG it is a general term for investing in companies that consider environmental, social and governance factors and incorporates those factors into the fundamental analysis of a company. ESG investing takes a look at companies from beyond their balance sheets. We can tailor a plan that incorporates Companies that believe in Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI).  

ESG Factors:

  • Environmental- Carbon Emissions, Water and Waste Management, Air and Water Pollution
  • Social- Labor practices, Human rights, Diversity, Customer Satisfaction and Animal Welfare.
  • Governance- Management Structure, Compensation Policies, Political Contributions.

Traditional investing uses little or no emphasis on ESG, however, incorporating it into your portfolio can be an effective tool. We can discuss the best approach toward implementation including:

  • Negative Screening
  • Best in Class
  • Full ESG Integration

Why and who should choose ESG? 

  • Clients who appreciate the positive environmental and social impact they can make with their wealth.
  • Millennials and Hight Net Worth (HNW) individuals who agree that the social or environmental impact of the companies they invest in is important to their investment decisions.

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ESG investing are subject to numerous risks; chief amongst these is that returns may be lower than when decisions are based solely on investment considerations.